How to Do Hypnosis – For Beginners

One of the greatest mysteries when it comes to the art of how to do hypnosis is how to accomplish it. After all, hypnosis is supposed to be a power that is not subject to the laws of physics and chance. The mind can be conditioned to do anything, not just what is really the natural way of doing things.

how to do hypnosis

So, what are the first steps towards learning how to do hypnosis? It would be best to start with some basics that any person should know. At least those basics that anyone who has not tried to do hypnosis already know.

A very long time ago, it was common for those who practiced this art to get themselves blindfolded before they took the step into becoming hypnotists. This is usually done so the person does not see the person who is delivering the hypnotic words. For this reason, they will just be able to “hear” what the person said without having to be aware of it.

How to do hypnosis is actually pretty simple. All one needs to do is stay relaxed and take slow deep breaths in. You can do this by first sitting down on the floor. You can use a chair or your bed as long as you have a quiet place to work with.

Your first goal should be to relax and be completely comfortable. This may seem easier said than done, but remember that this is the same thing that you would be practicing during a hypnosis session. In order to be calm, you should try to imagine a picture of something calming. Sometimes, calming images can come in the form of nature, scenery, clouds, and the ocean.

Take slow deep breaths. Concentrate on relaxing every muscle in your body and try to focus on breathing through the nose and not through the mouth. This is all part of the relaxation process.

As you are focusing on the process of relaxation, your entire being should be centered on one’s mind. Have your mind’s eye go blank. This is going to help you remain relaxed and at ease.

Remember to relax your eyes too. Don’t stare directly into the middle of your eyes or else it will make your eyes water. What you are trying to do is create a vacuum effect in your eyes. Your eyes will try to suck out any thoughts that might be bothering you.

Sit back and relax your shoulders and lower back. You may even want to close your eyes if you don’t feel like being still. Have a soft pillow on your lap to prevent you from moving too much. If you are trying to learn how to do hypnosis, it might help to lean back slightly to allow your spine to stay straight.

Try to visualize only one or two things at a time. This will help you get more focus on what you are doing and less on the random thoughts running through your mind.

Your eyes will begin to relax because they will be focused on the parts of your mind that are focusing on their other functions. Some people do this by focusing on someone’s face or looking directly at their hands. Try to make it as easy as possible for yourself.

If you cannot do this, then maybe your hard part is over. You should now be very calm and focused on your goal. Soon, you will find yourself becoming one with your surroundings.